sobota, 26 stycznia 2013

U-48 Uboat Commander 1.14

Version 1.14
- Blockade Runner Badge - you get the badge when you sink 15 ships using torpedoes
- Minesweeper War Badge - you get the badge when you sink 10 ships using mines
- Naval Artillery War Badge - you get the badge when you sink 5 ships using deck gun

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  1. Dear InvertBit,

    Seems I got a bug.
    In Career mode Patrol mission Patrol number 15 (21.11.1940, Radiogram 8544) there is a mission to attack HX-120 convoy.

    When I avoid destroyers (I don't have electric torpedos vs. destroyers), I destroy other 14 ships. Howewer when all 14 ships have been sinked, the mission is not over.

    Is it a bug?
    At least there should be a common message that mission was complete or incoplete (with a report with points of failure).

    Sincerely yours,

  2. Hi,

    wait when the rest of the convoy (including destoyers) leave the map or fire all torpedoes.

  3. How many levels are there? I'm having th same problems with level 15 as Alexander K. All ships are sunkor have left the screen but the level won't end. Also many times the enemy ships will disappear before they are off the screen. I had the last freighter dead to rights and all of a sudden 'POOF' he was gone.

  4. So I'm on level 15 and I have 5 toepedoes and one enemy ship and right before I intercept him he disappears right in the middle of grid 46.

  5. Same problem for me with level 15. All 14 ships sunk, destroyers have left map. I have some torpedos left but how can I fire them when there is no ship to shoot at? I have taken the uboot a whole lap around the map but nothing happends. When I return to Kiel the mission is lost...

    1. It's bonus level so you don't need to sink all freighters. You can fire all torpedoes when you attack the last ship.