sobota, 12 stycznia 2013

U-48 Uboat Commander

If you have ideas and suggestions what features can be added to the next version of U-48 feel free to send me email or write a comment !

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  1. Fantastic game!

    I would like to see the map screen more like SH2 with planned waypoints and a much larger map with various depths etc would be excellent too - keep up the good work

    1. There are many more features I could ask for so that the game more resembled Silent Hunter 2 and 3 as they were the best games ever - various speeds for torpedoes, navigation during battles (this would add some variety and make it much harder to judge shots), missions to patrol a set place for a set time/sink a specific ship in convoy, reload torpedoes/manage crew options, damage control screen...these are just come ideas but anything you incorporate will just add to a superb app.

    2. Thanks for the suggestions. You have to remember that this is 2d game and it has a LOT of limitations...

      p.s. I'm not planning to update U-48 in this month... (working on new project)

  2. Hello Odpowiedz,

    Patrol 16 radiogram 5891 attack HX-163 convoy... 4 large ships with only 8 torpedos and you can only attack from long range 8000m... it's next to impossible to sink them all. I can sink a large ship with 2 torpedoes in close range with some luck but never at long range. It takes min of 3 to sink a large at this distance. Either provide more torpedos or the option of attacking at close range. Also, the point seems to be stuck at 144... I get no credit for sinking one or 2 ships. Sometimes the point would drop back to 124 and then I would get credit for sinking 2 ships but it is stuck at 144. I thought at least I can get 20 points for each attempt I could at least upgrade the speedy torpedos but it is stuck and it's making the progress of the game next to impossible.

  3. The deck gun shells should take into account flight time. An 8.8 cm deck gun had a muzzle velocity of only 700 m/s!! So it would take a bit more than two seconds to reach a ship at 1500 meters. This would make the game more realistic and difficult.