sobota, 8 grudnia 2012

U-48 Uboat Commander 1.10

New version has been released.

Now you can control uboot immersion. There're three levels of immersion:
- green field - uboot is on the surface or on small depth,  uboot can attack other ships 
- yellow field - uboot is on medium depth, uboot moves slower, destroyers cause less damages, uboot can attack other ships
- red field - uboot is on deep sea, uboot cannot move, cannot be attacked by destroyers and cannot attack other ships.

2 komentarze:

  1. Love this Uboot game.
    Keep up the good work :-)
    Can I buy you a PayPal BEER to encourage you?

    Cu later, Phil from Belgium :-)

  2. Thanks!, you can buy me Leffe Blond, as i remember it was good belgian beer :-)