niedziela, 23 grudnia 2012

U-48 Uboat Commander 1.11

New release 1.11

Version 1.11:
Upgrades level 2 (appears after you collect all upgrades of level 1):
- Snorkel - you can attack enemy ships even if you're at deep immersion
- T5 torpedoes - very fast torpedoes
- Bow tubes - two additionals bow tubes
- Torpedo transport  ( MilkCow ) - you don't need to back to base to load torpedoes. You can meet 'Milkcow' uboot and load supplies at sea. Milkcow uboot appears every few days as black uboot.
- Second officer - additional messages about ship speed and ship bearing during attack
- Electric torpedoes - you can attack destroyers and warships! If you dont' sink the destroyer you'll be attacked.

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