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U-48 Uboat Commander 1.11 - RULES


You're commander of one of the uboot during WWII. Uboot operates at North Atlantic.

Tactical map:

- on tactical map you can see cargo ships, destroyers, warships and uboots. At the top of map you can see uboot damages (100% - means no damages), ammo, tonnage of sinked ships,  points and current weather.
- to move uboot tap on map, uboot'll move to this point at full speed.
- you can control uboot immersion using indicator on right side of map. Green area means that uboot is on the surface or at periscope deep, uboot can attack and can be attacked by enemy destroyers. Yellow area means that uboot is at medium deep, uboot has limited visibility and moves slowly,  uboot  can attack and can be attacked but gets less damages. Red area means deep immersion, uboot can't move, attack and be attacked (but Snorkel upgrade changes this rule)
- uboot can attack cargo ships (destroyers and warships after upgrade), to attack the ship uboot have to cross the path of ship. Uboot can attack the ship using torpedoes or deck gun. Torpedo attack can be from three distances. Distance depends on type of escort of the ship (no escort or small escort, medium escort, heave escort). The deck gun can be used when ship has no escort or small escort and only when the current weather is 'day' (sun in top right corner).
- uboot can attack the destroyers and warships only when have electric torpedo upgrade (level 2), when the ship will not sink, destroyer'll attack uboot after torpedo attack. Uboot cannot attack the destoyer using deck gun.
- to reload torpedoes and repair damages uboot have to back to base, to back to base tap on the bottom right corner  (Kiel bunker), uboot cannot back to base when is close the destroyers.

Torpedo attack

- you can attack ship from different distances and during different weathers. Uboot has 6 torpedoes tubes (8 after upgrade). Torpedoes're not reloaded during the attack. If you hit the ship it'll stop,. If you hit in the middle of the ship you'll see explosion, it means that you hit in boiler so damages are bigger (as 2 torpedoes). You can leave the attack panel using crash dive button at the bottom of panel.

The deck gun attack

- you can attack ships using deck gun only when the weather is a day and only if the ship has no escort or has small escort, there's unlimited ammo of deck gun. If you hit in the middle of the ship it'll stop.

Kiel bunker base

- to back to base tap on the right bottom corner (Kiel bunker rectangle).
- you can back to base only where you are safe - it means that uboot can be in the range of destroyers.
- when you are in base you get full ammo - 24 torpedoes or 36 torpedoes after upgrade.
- when you are in base your damages are repaired - 1% of damage cost 1 point
- you can upgrade ship by tapping on the upgrade - you have to enough points to get the upgrade


- there are two levels of upgrades: level 1 and level 2.You can buy upgrades from level 2 when you collected all upgrades from level 1 (except the mines upgrade)
- PERISCOPE - the periscope moves faster,
- DIESEL ENGINE - uboot moves faster,
- TORPEDOES - uboot can store 36 torpedoes,
- HYDROPHONE - uboot gets less damages during the attack by destroyers
- RADIO - uboot can see all ships on the map
- ENIGMA - uboot can see types and escort of the ship on map
- ELECTRIC TORPEDOS - uboot can attack the destroyers and warhips
- SNORKEL - uboot can attack the ships under deep immersion
- T5 TORPEDOS - torpedoes move 2x faster then normal,
- BOW TUBES - two additional torpedo tubes,
- MILKCOW - sometimes 'milkcow' uboot will appear on the map, when both uboots meet uboot gets 10 torpedoes and 20% of damages will be repaired
- SECOND OFFICER - some additional information about the ship during the torpedo attack.
- SEAMINES - uboot gets three seamines, uboot can put sea mine using top right button on the map. When enemy ship sink on mine uboot gets only points.

Ship types

Ship type Tonnage Speed Hits to sink Points after sink
Small cargo ship2200fast22
Medium cargo ship(tanker)4500medium-fast34
Large cargo ship(Liberty)10000slow-medium410


- you can be promoted, it's depends on your tonnage of sinked ships:
- Midshipman,
- PassedMidshipman,
- SubLieutenant,
- Lieutenant,
- LieutenantCommander,
- Commander,
- FrigateCaptain,
- Captain

5 komentarzy:

  1. How to pass level 6 where is 4 torpedos in submarine and two heavy ships to sink

  2. You can sink both ships with only 2 torpedoes in each if you hit them in the middle. That's where the boiler is and it causes more damage than hitting a ship at the bow or stern.

  3. How pass mission 16? I have 8 torpedoes to sink 4 hx-163 as far as 8000 m. It is impossible for me. :(

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